Jesus’ Wife fragment judged a fake

Jesus’ Wife fragment judged a fake.

Whenever a scholar or archaeologist discovers some new manuscript or artifact that has direct bearing on Jesus of Nazareth or any other Bible character, it usually causes quite a stir in the media.  The loudest voices in the conversations are polar.  Some champion the new finds as yet another hole in Christianity’s supposedly impenetrable armor.  At the same time, many of my fellow Christians become either nervous or defensive.  What if this new find endangers Christianity?  What if it affects my faith?

The recent hubub has been around a fourth century (?) Coptic fragment that mentions Jesus’ wife.  It’s been an interesting discussion, but really doesn’t affect our faith or the Biblical canon one way or the other.  We already know about extra-biblical writings which say all kinds of things about Jesus.  But the canon is what we accept and believe.

Anyway, Daniel Wallace is an authority on the subject of New Testament textual criticism and has some great discussions about it that I recommend. This is the latest one.  Looks like the the Coptic fragment was judged a fake anyway.

…and Church life continues!


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